Pick a Pumpkin Pumpkin Patch in New York. Pick pumpkins, pick ornamental corn, pick gourds. Have a great time at a great pumpkin patch in New York.
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Our Greatest Loss
    On Friday, September 9, 2011 Jim VanDerwerken, owner and founder of the Pumpkin Patch passed away. Jim VanDerwerken He was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor the end of July, shortly after his 80th birthday. The family has appreciated the wonderful support of Catskill Area Hospice during this difficult time. Jim has been involved in the day to day operation of the Pumpkin Patch since its inception and has been responsible for the majority of the creative activities you see around the farm. In May, despite declining health, Jim even planted some of this year’s crop. It is our goal to continue his legacy with the operation of the Pumpkin Patch. To read Jim's obituary, click here

Hurricane Irene Damages Farm
    Flooding caused by Hurricane Irene has significantly damaged our farming operation. Although we moved our hay and farming machinery to higher ground, the flood surpassed any previous flooding by 12 feet. All three levels of the barn were under water, with water three feet deep in the Gift Shop. After living here 55 years we never expected the barn to flood this high. Thankfully, the water did not reach our home.

    In the barn we lost all of our refrigerators, freezer and cooler as well as all the electrical appliances we use to prepare food in the Snack Bar. We saved the donut machines just as the water was entering the ramps.

    The side ramps used to enter the barn were torn from their footings but fortunately they did not float away. The bridge to the corn maze did float away and we’ve not found it. (If you happen to find our bridge, we will trade a bag of donuts for its safe return.) The theater seats were a total loss as was the inside of “Through the Looking Glass”. The carpeting that was under the hay tunnel and wood maze weighed 3,500 lbs. when we deposed of it at MOSA. The majority of the pumpkin crop washed away. There have been reports of pumpkins floating down the Hudson.

    Despite our heavy losses, many farmers and our neighbors in the area suffered much worse than we did. Our hearts go out to them as they struggle to rebuild. We appreciate the support of many of our church friends who have helped us with the daunting task of cleaning the entire barn which was blanketed with a layer of mud.